Beavers Programme

Bracken - Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:45pm
Gorse - Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:15pm
Unless notified otherwise.

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Date Where Activity Notes
11/ 12 January Poulner Scout Hall International Games and Songs Introducing 2 Good Deeds per week for the Term!
(For next week – find out some facts about Australian Beavers / Joey Scouts)
18 / 19 January Poulner Scout Hall My Beaver Scout Profile What have I learned About Australian Joeys. Fill in your personal profile.
(For next week – Bring in pictures of 5 flags that you can draw on your own – Find one fact about each country)
25 / 26 January Poulner Scout Hall Flags (For next week – each Lodge will bring in a different food from another country – type of food to be chosen tonight)
Thursday 2 February
Joint evening 6 – 7.15pm
Poulner Scout Hall Food tasting Bring in the food you have been asked to and taste all 8 different foods!
8 / 9 February Poulner Scout Hall Learn a greeting from another country (For next week, plan a model you would like to make from ‘junk’, and a flowerpot, potting compost and seeds you would like to grow)
14 / 16 February Poulner Scout Hall Junk Modelling and Seeds Bring all your junk modelling material, seeds, flowerpot and compost

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